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Sensational Alkalising Salad

March 14, 2020

We can’t escape the need to stay as healthy and strong as we can during the current coronavirus epidemic so I’m reblogging another healthy salad. This post also explains why eating a largely alkalising diet is good for us and helps maintain optimum health.

Travel Gourmet


It’s a rare thing for something so obviously ‘healthy’ to appear on these pages. In fact it’s a couple of years since I posted my Sensational Antioxidant Salad. And since that was also in January, I guess I’m just caught up once again in the ‘let’s be healthy in January’ crush! In my defence, should you be imagining I eat a lot of unhealthy things, I think I generally eat a good, healthy and balanced diet. But in general, I’m not into ‘health foods’ per se. A few years ago a friend suggested meeting for lunch at a new local health foods restaurant. It was a kind thought as I’ve always been concerned about the healthy aspect of food – partly as I’m an alternative health practitioner as well as a book editor – and eat organic where I can and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and rarely…

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  1. I remember that salad and how colorful it is. Yes, this was worth repeating as we all really need to look out after our health especially in these stressful times.

    • Thank you, Karen. I did actually make it for myself the day I reblogged and am pretty regularly having something like that for lunch. Stay safe and well 🙂

  2. fetatopalu permalink

    Looks delish and healthy! 🙂

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