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Sensational Antioxidant Salad

March 6, 2020

With a lot of anxiety about staying healthy at the moment, this seems a good time to post this recipe from the early days of the blog again – 8 years ago! But still a sensational antioxidant salad; still delicious; and still good for you.

Travel Gourmet


I eat a pretty good, healthy and balanced diet most of the time so rarely get into dieting as such. However, along with many other people come January, I’m feeling a little in need of losing some weight and gaining some energy after an indulgent Christmas period and eating my way through six months of food blogging! As I wrote in my recent post about Sally Beare’s book, The Live-Longer Diet, ‘dieting’ should really be about adopting a way of eating for life rather than a unsustainable crash diet; a diet that balances sensible eating with occasional indulgences. No one wants a diet that stops you having fun eating – especially a Single Gourmet Traveller! – but I often quote The Food Doctor, Ian Marber’s advice in his book, Everyday Diet, that if you aim for 80% of sensible eating and allow 20% for indulging in less ‘healthy’ foods then…

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  1. I like your 80% of sensible eating and 20% for indulging. Thank you for all the great tips about Nice.

  2. We all need to eat healthy and this is indeed a salad I would enjoy.

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