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Christmas Recipes: Cakes & Desserts

December 14, 2016

I’ve just been making Christmas Brandy Ice Cream to put in the freezer for Christmas Day and thought it was worth reblogging this post from last year that sums up all the Christmas recipes on my blog:

Travel Gourmet


I’ve rarely ‘done’ Christmas. When my kids were small we nearly always went to my parents’ home and they cooked; in recent years I’ve often gone to my brother Adam’s; last year I was at my daughter Nicola’s; the rare occasion I’ve hosted Christmas my son or daughter have stepped in offering to cook the turkey … or large chicken … or one year a duck because there were just three of us. I don’t think that’s a reflection on my cooking (at least I hope not!) but part of everyone joining in. And I seem, much as when I was a teenager, to have taken up the role of cooking the cakes and desserts. I don’t, however, make a Christmas pudding. I have in the past and I do love them, and Christmas without Christmas pudding just wouldn’t be Christmas for me, but these days I just buy a…

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  1. Wow. It all looks amazing!! Amazing.

  2. What ever you do, I do hope it will be wonderful. We are cooking for friends on Christmas Eve but going to a restaurant on Christmas day…something very different for us this year.

  3. Tried your panettone and quite hard to wait to taste it until now!! It’s really good! Sliced (mixed all and baked in Gugelhupf tin) and lightly toasted – this is even better! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  4. omg it looks so delicious! great post and merry Christmas!

    btw your blog is so inspiring) thanks for sharing

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