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I’m getting ready to visit my friends in Spain next week and so my posts while there will be a bit different and no more ‘My Week in Food’ until I’m back home. However, my half week since I last wrote a My Week in Food post four days ago has been full of lovely outings to old favourites so definitely worth a mention.

Tuesday – My Default Favourite Restaurant


Life is quite busy at the moment and so I suggested to Annie that we went to Joe Allen. It’s been a favourite of ours for at least 15 years and is a kind of ‘default’ choice, in the best sense. The two of us meet regularly and after three or four visits to different places we always say, ‘Perhaps we should go back to Joe’s next time,’ because we never like to be away from it for too long. If life is busy or stressed, then it’s comforting to go to Joe’s because it’s easy, we know exactly what to expect: great food, lovely people, brilliant buzzy atmosphere and we love it there. Their early evening menu is fantastic value at £14.95 for 2 courses. I had a lovely fish pâté followed by black sea bream as a main. A 125ml glass of house wine comes with meal for an extra £3.

Wednesday – Best Local Indian


My friends Lesley and Colin were in Twickenham for a couple of days, up from their home in Dorset. When they suggested meeting for a meal, I said let’s go to Tangawizi because we like it a lot and it was wonderfully convenient for us all. Tangawizi is my favourite local Indian.


There’s a nice feel to the restaurant, a slightly exotic Indian touch to the decor; the service friendly. The food fantastic! They had a fabulous special of Lamb Methi and a delicious fish curry special too. We ordered a selection of things to share and it was all really good; a great way to spend an evening with friends.

Thursday – A Few Treats


A busy day and a quick half hour sometime around 1.00 to grab a snack lunch. I was meeting Lucia and David in the evening to see an Alan Ayckbourn revival – How the Other Half Loves – at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Lucia suggested meeting an hour early to have a coffee together but having not eaten much all day, I went in even earlier to give myself time for food. I really can’t manage without food for too long! The Haymarket is almost off Piccadilly Circus so an ideal place for a simple light supper was Yalla Yalla. I’ve been there a few times now and love it: some of my favourite kind of food – Lebanese – and a nice relaxed café feel. You can’t book but I was so early it wasn’t a problem. Late there can be a long queue outside. I ordered a fattoush (above photo) which is an excellent one, and also falafels, which came with a yogurt and tahini sauce.


It was perfect. I then remembered I was close to another favourite – Gelupo, my favourite gelateria. Their ice cream is out of this world; amazing.


I chose Tiramisu and Blood Orange Sorbet. There are so many fantastic gelaterias in London now; great ice cream is a big thing. But Gelupo remains my favourite, and my local Gelateria Danieli in Richmond a close second. Then it was time to move on for coffee – a Caffe Nero by the theatre. Not so exciting but it was really lovely to see my friends.


I wasn’t sure how I’d find the play. I’ve been to a couple of Ayckbourn revivals in the last 2-3 years and been disappointed, feeling they haven’t worn well and seem dated. I felt the same about this one after the first half, but the second half was better and I found myself laughing aloud a lot. Which is always good!

So, three days of great eating, all old favourites, and no cooking! Watch out for my posts from Spain next week!

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