Return to Cambremer and Lunch at Au P’tit Normand

I was pleased when I realised that I was close enough to Cambremer to go back one day during this holiday. My first trip there last year with Jonathan and Lyndsey was a highlight of the holiday last summer, following the Route du Cidre and discovering this pretty little village. I wanted to buy them some of their favourite cider from Manoir de Grandouet and eat lunch again at the lovely Au P’tit Normand.

It took a little bit longer to get there than anticipated as I followed narrow, windy roads that would sign where I was heading … then suddenly not. I’ve never been keen on getting a SatNav but I can see they have their uses! However, I had a good atlas with me and didn’t even have to resort to asking my iPhone where I was. Soon I was pulling up in the centre of Cambremer and reserving a table for lunch. Then I headed just a kilometre or so down the road to Manoir de Grandouet. It’s just the most beautiful place.

Half a case of demi-sec cider and two bottles of their wonderful apple juice later, loaded into my car’s boot, I went back into Cambremer and parked. I had a little time to spare before having lunch so went into the lovely little grocery, a photo of which headed my blog for some time after the holiday last year. The visit last year had been on a gloriously hot August day whereas today it was quite cold with light rain. This didn’t dampen my pleasure at being there again. Inside the grocery was a gourmet’s Aladdin’s cave of delights. I bought some salmon rillettes and could have loaded the car right up with wonderful things had I not been more restrained.



At the restaurant I was greeted in a friendly fashion and given a nice table by the window looking out on to the centre of the village. I’d thought I’d have a good lunch there and only a snack in the evening as it’s such a nice restaurant, but when it came to ordering I felt more like a salad. I’m not especially fond of eating large meals at lunchtime. I had exactly the same as last time – Salade Cambremer. A salad with the local famous cheeses – Livarot, Pont L’Eveque and Camembert – and apples. A very appropriate combination in the heart of Normandy. I had a glass of local cider with it. As I ate, the restaurant filled up and it was quite a jolly place to be. I really enjoyed my salad and decided to have their ‘special’ Cafe Gourmand. You can see I’m becoming quite addicted to these gorgeous coffees served with little petits-fours sized desserts. This one was a Calvados special with wonderful little balls of caramelised apple swimming in calvados, a delicious slice of apple tart, a very chocolatey chocolate mousse and a divinely good creme brûlée.


One of the other things I’d wanted to do in Cambremer was visit a little shop where I’d bought three antique china cups last year. But it seemed to have gone. However, as I drove off, I almost immediately saw it had relocated and so stopped again. Inside I had a lovely laughing conversation with Valerie who specialises in making mosaics from bits of china plates, cups and saucers as well as selling them whole. She spoke only a little English and my French is poor but we managed to communicate. I bought three more beautiful old cups and saucers and she gave me a little jug as a gift.



Well,it turned out that Cambremer was another holiday highlight. I had such a lovely time going back and came away with some gorgeous souvenirs and gifts.

Getting back to Deauville proved much easier and quicker after I just decided to follow signs for Pont L’Eveque as I knew the road from there was fast and easy. Then it was time for a nice relaxing holiday afternoon and a walk on the beach before supper.

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  1. Your lunch sounds perfect…all my favorite cheeses on one delicious looking salad. I remember your first photo. 🙂

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