Spain 2023: Return to Alicante

Remarkably, it’s been six years since I lasted visited my good friends Linda & George in Spain – a trip that was once an annual one. But covid and other things intervened, though happily I have seen them a number of times in London since then. So, it was with delight that I once again set off on the trip to their home in the region of Alicante.

My first flight since January 2020 wasn’t one of my best. Bad weather was setting in as I arrived at Gatwick Airport and the flight delayed. Hopes rose when we boarded for us only to be told that due to bad weather it would be at least another half hour before we could take off. Finally, an hour and a half late, we were in the air.

It’s a two and a half hour flight from Gatwick to Alicante – and we suffered turbulence all the way. No drinks or food was served because of it. Fortunately I was seated next to a lovely couple and talked with the woman for most of the flight, which made the whole experience a much happier one. Then, when we landed late evening and sped out through an almost empty airport, there was the joy of finally being with my special friends again!

The first couple of days have seen unsettled weather but we’ve still managed to get out and about to do nice things – and I’ve managed a few swims in their pool. We headed into nearby Moraira the first morning. It’s a lovely town and doesn’t have lots of high-rise buildings like many other towns along this part of the Spanish coast. We parked above the port where there’s a great view.

Linda suggested we had morning coffee in a Dutch cafe, Bites & Bubbels, which is one of her favourites.

We were warmly welcomed as everyone knew her and we sat outside to enjoy the view. Dutch apple pie on my first morning in Spain wasn’t what I was expecting to eat with my coffee, but when I was told they had some, how could I resist? And it was very good.

Bites & Bubbels is closing in that location at the end of the month but reopening at a larger building in the town in November.

Yesterday the weather was rather grim, but armed with our English umbrellas we set off to Javea (or Xabia), a 30-minute drive away. We headed to the old part of town and went into the market.

First we had coffee and I had a tostada with tomato with mine; tostadas are a popular breakfast/morning snack. It was more baguette than toast but really tasty and I enjoyed it with my excellent coffee.

It’s quite a small covered market but there were some great stalls selling all kinds of food and cafes selling coffee and tapas.

We headed out into the street and started to take a look around the attractive old town thinking we might find somewhere there for lunch later on.

We saw a shop selling old prints of posters and went inside. I bought one of oranges to bring home – the area being so famous for its oranges.

Then the rain came. Plans changed and as the rain was so heavy, we decided to head back towards ‘home’ and find somewhere else to have lunch. Linda & George suggested a tapas bar they knew in Xalo (Jalon), Casa Aleluya, which is a family-run place.

It was busy inside but happily there was a table for us.

We chose some tapas to share. Linda and I had glasses of wine; George had a beer.



They were good tapas and I ordered some cheesecake for dessert. I was surprised when it came in a pot. However, there were all the right layers and the cheesecake mixture – almost like mousse – was delicious and I enjoyed it a lot.

Outside, rain was falling again so it was definitely time to return home. However, despite weather challenges, we’d managed to do some lovely things. And the weather forecast for the rest of the week is much more promising! 🤞

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