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We’re lucky to have a lot of good cafes in Twickenham but we’re always drawn to the Italian ones. The family have frequented Corto Italian Deli for years and it’s a favourite but a few months ago I decided to give the newer Buongiorno cafe, which is much nearer my house, a try. It’s nice to ring the changes a bit and not always go to the same place. And really, how can one resist a cafe spreading good cheer by calling itself Buongiorno – good morning – ? It’s a really friendly cafe and so I decided to take the boys – grandsons Freddie (nearly 8) and Ben (5) – there and they love it. I think it helps that they’re given big scoops of ice cream when Nonna has only ordered small ones, and Buongiorno put mini marshmallows on the top of babyccinos (which they don’t charge for). The look of delight from the boys the first time they had babyccinos there was a sight to behold: awe and joy lit their faces. Now I’m frequently asked, When can we go to Buongiorno?

Well, today is the start of half term and as I was picking them up from school, I decided we could have a half-term treat and I’d take them to Buongiorno for panini. And ice cream, of course!

But first, I went on my own in the morning for coffee. They have a big display of pastries and amazing looking cakes, though I have to confess I haven’t – yet!- tried the cakes. Apart from all those little ones you can see in the photo below, there are big celebration cakes which you can order.

I don’t vary things much in the morning. I like a flat white – occasionally a cappuccino, if I know it’s going to be good, as it is here – and a plain croissant. But Italian croissants are rarely absolutely plain and Buongiorno’s come with a sugar glaze on top, which is typical in many places in Italy. They’re light and flaky – good croissants – and the coffee is excellent. I like that they bring a glass of water with it too – a nice continental touch.

After picking the boys up from school, we dropped book bags etc. off at my house then walked to Buongiorno. During a busy lunchtime there are some panini and rolls on the counter, already made up with various fillings, but as it was later in the day there were none left. But that was no problem, they could make us some; what did the boys want? And did they want long panini or smaller rolls? The boys wanted the larger version!

Ben chose a simple filling of ham and cheese.

Freddie wanted his ‘usual’ panino choice: Parma ham, mozzarella, tomato  & rocket.

Freddie wanted to take his own photo for the blog and set it all up and took the photo below with my phone.

They were good panini and just what the boys wanted after a day at school. Freddie had a San Pellegrino Limonata to drink. Ben doesn’t like fizzy drinks so had a glass of tap water. Nonna – who wasn’t eating – had a second coffee of the day: a cappuccino this time.


Ice cream – gelato – for pudding is a must. We went to the counter to look at what flavours they had.

Freddie chose strawberry and Ben chocolate. They love the biscuits that are put on the top and always ask how the cafe manages to put ‘Buon Giorno’ on it. And Nonna always forgets to ask when paying!


It was a nice way to celebrate the start of half term and spend some time with the boys before they head off to Wales in the morning to see their Welsh family. It’s always fun having outings with them and Buongiorno is one of the best and friendliest places to take kids.

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