Cornwall 2021: Supper at Edie’s Kitchen, Carylon Bay, St Austell

When my daughter knew I’d booked a trip to Cornwall in September and that she’d be in nearby Padstow, she offered to take me out for a meal. Cornwall has become a foodie’s heaven, not just from the ubiquitous Rick Stein who pops up everywhere, but many other famous and not so famous chefs have made Cornwall their home. So the choice of where to go for a good meal is considerable – but how to choose? Well it seemed obvious not to wander too far from my hotel since Nicola then had the half hour or so drive back to Padstow after we’d eaten. She got in touch with some friends who live in Cornwall and came up with some suggestions – and thus a booking at Edie’s Kitchen was made.

We’d been warned that Edie’s was in a pretty uninspiring location – not somewhere to turn up early and go for a walk first. It was indeed at the end of a fairly ordinary small parade of shops and restaurants but Edie’s itself was immediately attractive and welcoming.

Inside it was very modern but just as welcoming – smart without being stuffy. We both really liked it. We arrived as they’d opened and were told we could sit wherever we wanted. We chose a table for two against the wall opposite the bar and kitchen. Quiet and private but still great view of all that was going on.

We decided on the early evening (6-7pm) fixed price menu (£21.95 for 2 courses; £24.95 for 3). Bread with some whipped butter came quickly as did the drinks we asked for and our order was taken. There was a choice of three starters, three mains and three desserts. All sounded delicious but we ended up making the same choice!

Our starter was Smoked Applewood Cheese Soufflé, Creamed Leeks, Red Onion Marmalade. 

It looked wonderful and tasted just as good as it looked. A perfectly cooked, light soufflé; the cheese delicious and not too smoky. All served on leeks with cream, the onion marmalade on top of the soufflé. It was excellent.

The main was Hake, Celeriac, Butter Beans, Pancetta, Curry Oil. Wow! This was amazing; really good. The fish was perfectly cooked, the creamy celeriac base a perfect accompaniment. And the beans and pancetta had some samphire on it and it was wonderful. I loved the little pieces of salty pancetta with the beans. All the flavours and textures came together so well.

I rarely eat desserts these days but the first two courses were so good that I just couldn’t resist a dessert too. We both liked the look of Dark Chocolate Delice, Coconut Ice Cream, Shaved Coconut, Katifi most. We decided to share one portion and that was just right. It was the most brilliant dessert. Fabulously indulgent but not too rich.

What a fantastic meal. The service had been friendly and efficient and the food was everything one hopes for. Nothing was even the slightest disappointing – it was all excellent. We both thought it was the best meal we’d had in a long time. Of course, covid has meant we haven’t eaten out as much as we once did, but even so, this meal was definitely up with the best. It was also excellent value at just £55.80 for food and drinks before service. And of course for me it was even more special to be able to enjoy it with my lovely daughter. 

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