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My book group met for a meal recently at Adesso, a Sicilian restaurant on Hill Rise in Richmond. Unfortunately I couldn’t make that meal but suggested Adesso as a place to meet to my friend Liz last night. The reports back from the book group had been a bit mixed so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but Liz was willing to give it a try so we did.

I booked for 7.00pm and it was quiet when I arrived. To one side of the restaurant shelves were filled with Italian groceries as Adesso has a deli next door where you can buy food or stop by for a coffee or snack. The shelves acted as a dividing wall.


We were brought some complimentary focaccia with our wine (a glass each of Sauvignon Blanc).

We decided to share two starters on the ‘Specials’ menu. One was the Sicilian antipasto with pistachio salami, Parma ham, pecorino cheese, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. It was good and the olives were so good I might go back and buy some in the deli.

Our other starter choice was ‘Arancino’ – a deep-fried rice ball filled with mozzarella and spinach and served with a sauce (there was also a ‘filled with Bolognese sauce’ choice). There was only one for £7.50 but it was big (they generally are) so fine for us to cut in half and share as part of our starter. Arancini are really Sicilian street food, sold from stalls and eaten hot and freshly cooked – not usually with sauce. But it was tasty (though could have done with slightly more seasoning) and we enjoyed it.

Liz chose spaghetti with Sicilian sausage in a tomato sauce for her main, which she said was good.

I chose a dish from the ‘Specials’ menu – paccheri with large king prawns, small prawns, cherry tomatoes and a hint of chilli.

It was very good. The pasta was cooked to a nice al dente bite. Two large prawns needed shelling (a lemony wipe in a sachet was provided) and were delicious – softly tender and sweet.

They were generous sized dishes so we didn’t have room for dessert, though I was momentarily tempted to try their cannoli, a Sicilian speciality. I settled instead for an espresso – and it was good coffee – while Liz had a mint tea.

The bill came to £63. Service wasn’t included so we added some and paid £35 each, which we thought was very reasonable for what we’d had.

We both liked Adesso and I think we’re very likely to go back sometime – Richmond is a good halfway meeting point for us. This isn’t fine dining; it’s simple but well prepared trattoria food. Looking at the menu I felt there’d been a small amount of anglicisation to its Sicilian heritage but the important thing was we enjoyed our meal. The service was also friendly and attentive. There was music playing in the background that seemed quite loud when I arrived, but then we didn’t really notice while we talked and ate.

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7 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Adesso, Richmond upon Thames

  1. This sounds like an authentic Italian restaurant, just with some little adjustments here and there to cater for local taste. You should have definitely tried the cannolo, which is a real delight if prepared acconding to traditional recipes, and perfect for this season.

  2. That rice ball dish looks interesting. And it drives me crazy when they serve a shrimp dish with shrimp you have to peel. I was just having a discussion with someone a few days ago about places serving shrimp with the tail on. Anything that slows me down from getting food in my belly annoys me! 😡

    1. I like arancini. This was a little too lacking in rice, to be honest, for a good one, but it was tasty. I was happy with a couple of prawns to peel as they’re so flavourful like that. But when last in Italy I got a dish one day with lots that all needed peeling in a rich tomato sauce and that was definitely too much! 🙂

      1. Yeah. And so messy! Here in New Orleans we have a dish called barbecued shrimp which is utterly delicious, but the shrimp is served unpeeled. In fact, still with the heads on. I rarely order or make it just because it’s so messy.

  3. It sounds like the two of you had more luck at the restaurant than your book club. Sometimes that happens, on or two dishes just don’t suit a persons taste. Your meals looked good.

    1. Yes I enjoyed mine. We’re lucky to have some great Italians locally – my favourite is in Twickenham – but it’s always good to find another choice!

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