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A Single Person’s Guide to Entertaining

August 6, 2018

After my ‘quick fixes’ yesterday, I thought it worth reblogging my guide to easy entertaining from 3 years ago. More time spent in the kitchen doesn’t necessarily translate to better food … and remember you’re supposed to have fun too!

Travel Gourmet


I’ve been single for over 11 years now. It’s taught me a lot about life, love, friendship, running a home on my own, having to remove the cat’s offerings of dead mice and birds on the kitchen floor myself … and travelling, dining out and entertaining on my own. Life isn’t always what we think we would ideally choose, in fact it rarely is; life is what we make of it. Eleven years on, I’ve made mine into something I’m so much happier with. And the blog has been part of that. Of course, the change is part of getting older too. Things do look different from a higher rung of life’s ladder.

I bought Janet Street-Porter’s book, Life’s Too F***ing Short, a couple of years ago. It summed up how I feel about life now. I’m not always in tune with Ms Street-Porter but she does often talk much sense –…

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