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GPSmyCity have been successfully publishing travel articles and self-guided tours on their app since 2009. With more than 6,500 articles and tours exploring over 1,000 cities worldwide, if you’re about to head off for a city break, or perhaps make an excursion to a city from a beach holiday, you’re almost bound to find a brilliant article to guide you to making the most of your time in your chosen city.

GPSmyCity’s mobile apps – iOS and Android – feature self-guided city walks and GPS-powered travel articles that turn your smartphone or tablet into your very own personal guide. Each walk or article comes with a detailed travel route plotted on an offline map to lead you to all the attractions mentioned. You can go at your own pace; you can read the article and use the map offline so you don’t need to use data roaming or find WiFi; nor do you have to carry guidebooks and maps with you. You won’t get lost and you’ll be guided to the best attractions, cultural sights, markets, cafes, bars and restaurants in the city and be given information about them.

The GPSmyCity app is free to download (see their website) and you can access all articles for free but to get the true GPSmyCity experience, and the best out of the app, with a customised offline map and GPS directions to guide you around the city to all places mentioned in the article, you pay a small upgrade fee of $1.99 per article. So successful has the app been that GPSmyCity have now introduced a subscription option so you can always have the ‘full GPSmyCity experience’ with you on your phone or tablet, wherever you are, to access at any time. You can buy an annual subscription to all travel articles for 900+ cities worldwide for $12.99/year OR $18.99/year for full access to all walking tours + travel articles covering 1,000+ cities.

GPSmyCity now publish nearly 30 of my travel articles, which I’m very excited about. I’m also excited that they’ve offered to give 10 of my followers a free one-year subscription (each worth $18.99). Thus I’m setting a competition to give everyone the chance of winning this great prize and the opportunity to try out GPSmyCity for free for a whole year. This is great timing as we head into spring, with summer ahead of us, and you have the opportunity to have this guide for wherever your travel plans are taking you in 2018.

For a chance to win the competition, tell me in less than 50 words via a Comment below what your dream travel destination is and why you want to go there. All entries must be in by Monday 23 April. I’ll choose the most interesting entries as winners and in the event of a tie (i.e. I can’t choose from so many great ideas!), I’ll draw 10 names from a shortlist in a hat. Winners will be notified by email of how they can claim their prize.

So – get thinking! Where would you love to go if you could choose anywhere in the world and there were no limitations, like money and what you can afford. What is your dream destination and why? Tell me below in Comments and maybe you’ll be a winner! (Unfortunately I can’t send you to your destination but I am looking forward to hearing about where people dream of going!)

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9 thoughts on “Win a Year’s Subscription to GPSmyCity

  1. The man fixing my roof is from Krakow. He says, ‘You must go – it is so old, so beautiful, and made by a dragon…and the food…the pierogis, the kielbasa, the bigos…!’ He is so excited I think he may fall. ‘Yes, I will.’ and I mean it.

  2. Croatia -/Greece /Bali /Australia /Italy
    For a European trip, I prefer Croatia /Greece /Italy cause it is so beautiful. Always wanted to go to Bali and Australia.

  3. I am voting for Manganari beach in Ios, Greece. Reachable via a boat from the main village so not that crowded that I remember of, you can try to negotiate with the taverna near the beach to stay overnight and enjoy a secluded spot overnight looking at the moon and drinking Santorini white

  4. I’m torn between San Francisco and Mykonos in 1982. Both of these because they seemed so startlingly different to home. Back then, Mykonos was relatively undiscovered and I still remember the dazzling brightness of the white-painted pavements. San Francisco because it was fun, different and felt like a film set.

  5. i made a promise after my health improved that i would travel more. i cried when i landed in Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower. I wandered the streets day and night enjoying the history, culture and above all those almond croissants. i’ve been back since and i will be back again.

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