Classic Tiramisu

I’m reblogging my recipe for Tiramisu, first posted in February 2012 because my friend Antonio alerted me to the fact that today is ‘Tiramisu Day’. It seemed a good opportunity to revisit this wonderful dessert. Six years on, I still make it in exactly the same way – from an Antonio Carluccio recipe. Controversy over the recipe’s origins and ingredients is as fierce as ever – see this article in Italy’s Repubblica paper:

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5 thoughts on “Classic Tiramisu

  1. I had a tiramisu in Tuscany last Autumn that – duh! no surprise – used vinsanto instead of Marsala. I sometimes use rum too. A lovely dessert, as you say, and it’s even good with strawberries !

    1. It’s a favourite dessert of mine but I like to keep it simple. We have a branch of Rome’s Pompi in Richmond now with their strawberry, pistachio etc versions and although not ‘classic’ very delicious.

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