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I’m delighted to let you know that GPSmyCity have just published another 4 of my travel articles – this time from my trip to Granada. That makes 25 of my articles published with them. The GPSmyCity app offers guides to over 6,500 walks in more than 1,000 cities round the world and, as they say, the app allows you ‘to lose yourself without getting lost’. With a travel app you can wander in a relaxed way and soak up all a city has to offer without worrying about how to get to places or finding yourself lost. The app will be your very own personal guide.

More and more we rely on our smartphones and tablets for convenience and quick access to information. When we visit cities for a holiday how much better to have all the information we need and a map on our phone than to carry around guidebooks and paper maps. But, you might say, what about access to it? Won’t I have to rely on Wifi or using up valuable GPS data on my phone? This is the beauty of the app: you can download articles for free and read them offline, which means you can even read them on the plane or a beach. But better than that, for a small fee (US$1.99) you can upgrade to get an offline city map and GPS navigation to all the sights and places mentioned in the article so you’ll never have trouble finding your way around or getting to the places you want to visit.  When you want to try a recommended restaurant, the app will take you there; if you want to visit an interesting cultural or historical site mentioned in the article, it will show you the route, and once there you can read all the article tells you about the place – offline. No more searching for that elusive mobile or wifi connection because you will always have the article with you. Or articles. You’ll find so many great articles by different writers who’ve actually been to the city recently and found the best places to go you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for – and maybe some great places you’d never have otherwise come across.

GPSmyCity has been publishing city guide apps on iTunes App Store since 2009 and Google Play since 2013. It’s been recommended in publications such as the Telegraph, New York Times and Travel Weekly. Next time you’re travelling to a city for a holiday, why not take GPSmyCity with you? You won’t regret it! It will be a perfect guide. To download the app click on the banner on the right-hand side of this blog post: ‘Inspiring Travel Articles – Take My Articles With You’ or via the GPSmyCity website: click here.

To celebrate the publication of my 4 articles on Spain, for the next week GPSmyCity are offering a free upgrade to my post Five Days in Granada. To claim your copy, click here.

You’ll also find these articles on the app –

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Views and Cobbled Street: Walking in Albaicin (click here).

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If you haven’t taken a look at the GPSmyCity app then please do – I’m sure you’ll love what you find and it will prove invaluable for any city break you have planned. And do take advantage of the free upgrade for my Five Days in Granada article this week. If you haven’t been to Granada yet then you should go – it’s fabulous!

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