Spain, Granada 2017: Dinner at Restaurante El Trillo

It was my last evening and usually I like to return to my favourite restaurant of the holiday for my final meal to end on a high note. But it being Monday, many places were closed. I thought I’d go back to the best restaurant I’d found on Paseo del Padre Manjon simply because sitting directly under the Alhambra, the view is stunning.

I sat enjoying an aperitif at a bar there but decided I wasn’t inspired by the menu so googled for best restaurants near by. Most were closed but Restaurante El Trillo was opening at 7pm and had a high rating. Google estimated it was only an 8 minute walk but I hesitated as I’d learned that when the walk was uphill through the narrow cobbled paths, estimates could be highly optimistic. Still, it was early, I had plenty of time to investigate. So I did. And this time Google Maps worked a wonder and I was soon standing before El Trillo. It wasn’t yet open so I had a little wander. It was so quiet and pretty.

When the restaurant opened, it turned out their terrace overlooking the Alhambra was fully booked but they had a table in the garden. I was happy with that for the garden was peaceful with the gentle sound of a small fountain trickling nearby and, as my good fortune would have it, I could just about view the Alhambra before me.

As so often while in this beautiful city of Granada, I could easily imagine I was in Morocco; it’s so different to other parts of Spain I know. The waiter was friendly and helpful, even looking up the English word for the tree I was sitting under, heavy with fruit. It turned out to be quince. I hoped no fruit dropped while I sat there! A glass of cava was brought and an amuse bouche of a delicious beetroot and sangria salmorejo and bread.



I’d eaten a couple of disappointing salmorejos during my holiday, that delicious purée of tomatoes and bread served as a soup or sauce and a traditional Andalusian dish. I was still on the lookout for a perfect one. And now I’d found it!

Garnished with avocado, beetroot, micro leaves and black sesame seeds, it was gloriously smooth and tasted wonderful. Often it’s a dish made with too much vinegar but the balance of all the flavours here was perfect.

For my main I chose a dish of cod served with salted broad beans, Iberian bacon and beetroot purée.

It was garnished with little flowers and even strawberries, which was a surprise but worked well. It was a fabulous dish.

I was too full for a dessert and finished with just coffee. Light was fading and candles and lamps lit.

It was all so delightful, pretty and peaceful. What a lucky and happy choice for the last meal of my holiday. It had been the most expensive (€42 including the glass of cava and a generous glass of red wine) but not by London standards expensive for what I had. The staff were wonderfully friendly and efficient and I was a happy Travel Gourmet as I set off back down the cobbled paths to more familiar territory.

Well that’s the end of my trip to Granada and it’s been everything and more I’d hoped for. What a beautiful and interesting city. I really hope to be back soon.

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