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I’ve got together with GPSmyCity again to offer a seasonal giveaway, which means you can upgrade two of my latest travel articles for free over the coming week (15-22 May). These are posts on my visits to Amsterdam and Turin this year, so if you’re planning to go to either of these wonderful cities soon, then why not follow the links below to download my guide and get your free upgrade.

GPSmyCity is a great app with guides to over 6,000 walks in 750+ cities around the world. You can download the app for free from the iTunes Store – click here for link. Now you don’t have to carry guidebooks and maps around with you – everything you need to find your way around a city and discover the best it has to offer, from hidden gems to places to eat, is on your phone. And the great thing about the GPSmyCity app is that you can read any guide for free when you have internet connection, but when you’re travelling round a particular city and want to get to know it better, for a small fee you can upgrade and read everything offline and don’t have to find WiFi or pay roaming charges. You’ll be given a detailed city map with GPS directions to take you round the city – no getting lost! – and to the all the sights mentioned. What better way to explore a city? Your phone becomes your own private tour guide and you can go at your own pace.

Here are the two articles on offer:

What to Eat and Where in Amsterdam

Dutch cuisine doesn’t have a particularly good reputation, but just as there has been a phenomenal change for the better in British cuisine in the last decade or two, I think the Dutch also deserve some recognition for the great food that can now be found there. Well, certainly in Amsterdam … to read more click here.

And here’s the link to post on the GPSmyCity app where you can upgrade for free until Monday 22 May:  Click here.

Turin: Historic Cafes, Chocolate & Aperitivo

If ever reasons were needed to explain why Travel Gourmet has fallen in love with the city of Turin (apart from it being in Italy, of course!), there are three excellent ones: it’s home to some of the most wonderful historic cafés you’ll find anywhere; it’s the home of chocolate (yes, even before Switzerland); and it is (arguably) the home of aperitivo … to read more click here.

To see the post on GPSmyCity and upgrade for free until 22 May, click here.


Don’t miss your chance to take up this offer – download these articles on to your phone now for free! Offer runs 15-22 May only.

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