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I’ve driven past The Italians on Chiswick High Road a few times over the last few months, always en route elsewhere, and I think, I must go back and take a look. Finally today I managed it. I’d had an appointment that finished nearby just after noon, so by the time I’d parked the car again and taken a look inside, I decided it was lunchtime and the perfect opportunity to try one of their delicious looking ciabatta rolls.

I chose a prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato roll and also ordered a Flat White. Yes, I know, dear Italian friends – it was past 11.00am and one does not (if Italian) drink white coffee at this hour of the day and after a meal. But it was what I fancied and as I mainly drink Flat White (or espresso later in the day), it was a good way to judge how much I liked their coffee.

The roll was wonderful: full of gorgeous prosciutto and excellent mozzarella. The roll itself was perfectly crusty on the outside, soft in the middle, and very tasty. A roll this good is a very splendid thing. The coffee was excellent too – definitely one to return for.

A nice touch was leaving some bottles of water and glasses with cutlery and serviettes on a small table so you could help yourself to a bottle of water to take to your table. The walls were covered in wonderful black & white photos of Italians – each labelled showing people in different parts of Italy.

People were coming in for takeaways but a number like me opted to sit down. It was a friendly place with a large deli to buy Italian food to take home: fabulous cold meats, gorgeous breads, slices of pizza and small ones, dried and canned goods, like a whole pack of hazelnuts from Piemonte.

There was fresh pasta and some fresh vegetables.

There were chocolates and jars of chocolate-hazelnut cream.

And olives, salads and cheeses.

At the back was an extensive wine cellar with a large selection of Italian wines to choose from.

There was a fridge with glorious looking cakes and desserts, including little Sicilian cannoli and sfogliate.

I couldn’t resist taking home a slice of tiramisu for suppertime.

What a great find. It may have taken me a long time to actually stop and take a look at The Italians, but now I have I’m sure to be back there soon. It’s open Mon-Sat from 7.30am – 8pm; Sun from 8am – 7pm.

See their website: The Italians.




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