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An Autumn Morning Walk in Kew Gardens

October 23, 2016


It’s been a glorious Sunday morning here in SW London and a perfect day to head to Kew Gardens for a walk and to see the beautiful autumn colours as the trees and bushes turn from green to golds and reds. I walked round the gardens for about an hour and a half and took photos with my iPhone 6. Here are my favourites for this mainly photo post:

img_4218 img_4223

img_4224 img_4232

I was surprised to find that there was still lots of green around; many trees were only just turning to golds and reds. There were still some flowers to be found too and lots of autumn crocuses in many parts of the Gardens.



img_4252 img_4262

img_4265 img_4266


I hope you’ve enjoyed this photo ‘walk’ round Kew Gardens. For a bit more information on the Gardens, see this earlier post: click here.

  1. It’s so amazing that a phone can make such good photos. I enjoyed your photo walk , it reminds me of your monthly posts from Kew Gardens last year.

    • Yes the quality of the phone camera is really good and it means I always have a camera with me! Glad you enjoyed the walk 🙂

  2. Beautiful.It’s been a while since the last visit…. I have always wanted to try Newens for the Maids of Honour. Have you?

    • Thank you. I haven’t been to Maids of Honour for years. I used to go regularly when my kids were school age. I keep saying to the family we must go and have afternoon tea and it would be a good post for the blog. One day …

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