Waitrose Christmas Press Show 2016


The food industry have their Christmas Press Shows in the middle of summer so there’s plenty of time for journalists to write their pieces for magazines and papers. I’ve been to them in blazing sunshine. Today, however, the weather was more more wintery and so perhaps more appropriate as I struggled against rain and a strong wind to cross Waterloo bridge to Waitrose’s Christmas show. Once inside though all the warm Christmas colours and smells and delicious food soon cheered me up.

I received a warm welcome and headed upstairs where the first thing I came across was a cocktail bar by a New Year’s Eve display.


It was definitely too early in the day for me to start on cocktails so instead I moved on and the next stall had a wonderful display of cheeses. Cheese buyer Richard Paul of Bradbury’s introduced himself and the cheeses. He asked me what kind of cheese I liked and then suggested some to try and told me about them. Now good cheese I was keen to try and there were certainly some gorgeous ones here.


I loved this Coeur de Berry goats’ cheese. It has a good flavour and there was a creaminess to its crumbly texture. The Burrata was excellent too with a great taste. It can be a disappointing thing but when of good quality it’s very special. I remember when I first searched for burrata I found one in Waitrose but Paul told me their new one was even better.


I seemed to have missed taking a photo of the Camembert from their new Premium range, even though I loved it. It had a wonderful flavour and I’m definitely going to buy some soon. Meanwhile, this Epoisses had a good pungent flavour, which makes it especially good for the Christmas season, I think.


I moved on and tried a raised layered pie full of Christmasy things. These are quite a challenge to make yourself but to buy one like this to have around for the Christmas season seems a great idea.


The next exciting find was chocolate. I’ve always had an addiction to good chocolate (who doesn’t!) so was pleased to find these Single Origin ones to try.


Some small bars would be great for stocking fillers.


I moved downstairs where it was even more Christmasy with lots of gorgeous decorations – many to buy in Waitrose.




I found panettone made with prosecco.


A beautiful Christmas cake with icing.


Another topped with glacé fruits and nuts.


And even a gluten free.


It’s years since I’ve made Christmas pudding and take the easy route and always buy a Duchy Original Organic one from Waitrose. It’s become a family favourite. There was a whole hamper of Duchy Original Christmas goodies.


I liked the look of this Camembert, ready to bake with a topping of figs, pecan nuts and honey.


I thought these Christmas cupcakes were cute and children would love them.


If you want to make things really easy try this stuffed turkey breast all ready for the oven with triple-sausage pigs in blankets.


I liked these savoury profiteroles stuffed with either salmon or crab. They’d be great for a party if you’re offering canapés.


There were even things for pets.


It was great fun to see what Waitrose have to offer for this coming Christmas. Regular readers will know I’m always quoting buying things in Waitrose so I’m very happy to recommend them. As a family we do like to make a number of things from scratch ourselves, but like the Christmas pudding, there are some things it’s easier to buy ready prepared to make Christmas less onerous for the cooks in the kitchen. And there were some very tempting things here. Back at home I opened the goody bag they gave me as I left.


How nice that food bloggers get goody bags too sometimes – they’re not just for kids!

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  1. Panettone made with prosecco sounds yummy! I have to pop in Waitrose for the humper next time in the UK. Just wondering if you would post the recipe of your Christmas pudding…..

    1. It was good. I made panettone last year so you’ll find my recipe on the blog. I haven’t made Christmas pudding for years though so no recipe here. Maybe I should make one this Christmas specially for the blog! 🙂

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