A Sunday Morning Walk in Kew Gardens: April

IMG_8412 A lot has been happening in Kew Gardens since my March visit. Three weeks ago I was in Kew with my friend Elsa and saw a big change from when I’d written my March post just two weeks’ earlier. The magnolias were in blossom: their big majestic flowers ranging from white, through pale pink to deep magenta are one of the glories of spring. IMG_8451   IMG_8442 Today, they were already on their way out: showers of discarded petals carpeting the ground beneath them. IMG_8443 The tulips were looking fabulous and there was a wonderful display outside the Palm House; one of the first things you’ll see if you enter at Victoria Gate and bear right. IMG_8414 There were gorgeous carpets of ground cover flowers, especially in the Woodland Garden near the Princess of Wales Conservatory, like these pretty Erythroniums. IMG_8425 I’d gone there in search of Fritillaries – those beautiful, delicate, bell-shaped bulbs that push through the ground in spring. I didn’t see any there but found some Snake’s Head Fritillary in the Davis Alpine House. IMG_8439 In the rock garden outside I found clumps of lovely Pulsatilla. IMG_8436 Walking round the gardens, the Orangery Restaurant is always a good place to sit with coffee or a snack with its large terraced area allowing you to enjoy a view of the gardens at the same time. IMG_8446 I can never resist a walk down to the lake, where there are a number of benches by the edge providing a peaceful place to sit for a time. IMG_8457 Walking back towards Victoria Gate I passed some glorious prunus in bloom. IMG_8461 Like the Magnolia trees, their blossom is a short-lived thing so all the more reason to go and enjoy it while you can. One of the great things about doing this year-long record of Kew Gardens, visiting each month, is that I’m much more aware of the changes; of what’s in blossom when. And planning to visit at least once a month ensures that I don’t miss out on anything. If you want to know more about visiting Kew Gardens go to: www.kew.org

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  1. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. Everything is blooming and bursting with different colors. We used to have a magnolia tree in our neighbors yard and I loved those huge blooms .

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