A Trip to Pont L’Eveque, Calvados and Deauville Beach

The sun’s not playing. The weather forecast keeps promising sun, but only cloud comes. I’m not really complaining though because I’m having such a lovely relaxing time here and love Deauville-Trouville. Since there was still no beach weather when I got up this morning, I decided to head for nearby Pont L’Eveque where there is a market on Mondays. Famous for its cheese since the 13th century, much of the town was destroyed in World War II but it’s been carefully restored to its former Medieval to 16th century glory, and to walk through its pretty streets with their half-timbered buildings is a joy.


The market was in full swing by the time I arrived at about 10 am. It was a very quick journey from Villa Caprice; only about quarter of an hour. A lot of the parking in the town was blue-zoned and so, after finding a spot elsewhere, I went in search of somewhere to buy a parking badge – which we discovered last year – as they make finding parking spaces so much easier. They cost only €2.50 and can be used again and again and in different towns.

As I entered the market near the Office de Tourism it looked as if there wasn’t much there. However, continuing round I found a large display of stalls selling everything – not just food and drink but clothes and furniture too.



And even some live goods!

From Pont L’Eveque, I headed further south towards Lisieux, to visit Chateau du Breuil. I went there with my son over ten years ago and their calvados remains our favourite, so I wanted to buy him some. The beautiful chateau was built in the 16th-17th centuries. It sits amidst a lush green park – and, of course, orchards. In fact, 42 hectares of orchards. Unfortunately, I’d just missed the last tour of the morning, but if you’re nearby, it’s well worth doing. I wasn’t too late to buy calvados and some other treats though before I had a short walk around.



I drove back to Deauville for lunch. As is common in France on Monday, a lot of shops and cafes are closed, including the Boulangerie where I bought a light lunch yesterday. I instead went into the Au Cafe de Paris.


With ‘light lunch’ still in my mind, I ordered a salad and glass of Sancerre rose. But of course the French don’t do small salads and I was rather taken aback to see an enormous plate put before me. Salade Landaise was a mound of mixed green leaves, foie gras de maison, smoked duck breast and haricots vert. It was wonderful; gorgeous foie gras and duck, a delicious very French dressing. I really enjoyed it, though left quite a bit of the green salad. I sat inside as it was so cold outside. The interior is typical French brasserie; not an especially exciting interior but the waitress was so friendly it made it a very enjoyable lunch.

I walked up the road to Deauville beach afterwards for a walk by the sea.


The famous coloured umbrellas were tightly closed on this dull and cold June day but it’s still a wonderful beach with its pale sand stretching for miles. I walked for some time, then cut back to the villa through a road I hadn’t yet explored and discovered a great cafe – Star Cafe – where I stopped for coffee and couldn’t resist two bite-sized little cakes.





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