Griddled Aubergine with Feta & Pomegranate


I did eat rather a lot in Venice, but I did a lot of walking too; I must have walked miles. And I am a gourmet traveller. Even so, a little restraint in the eating department may be in order for a few days. But that, of course, doesn’t mean I have to live on lettuce (as if I would!). There was a pomegranate in my fridge, left over from my party food last weekend, and some feta and all that was needed to put supper together was a nice plump and shiny aubergine.


I have to confess the idea isn’t strictly mine, I saw an Ottolenghi recipe with this combination in the Observer (I think) a little while ago and thought it sounded great. So I just decided to put it together in my own way. I did it fairly last minute and it was very quick and easy. I laid the aubergine on its side and carefully sliced along opposite sides to pretty much just remove a slice of the skin, then I cut the aubergine into 4 slices.


While the griddle got hot, I brushed the aubergine slices with a generous amount of olive oil, then laid them on the hot griddle. I browned them nicely on both sides.


While they were cooking, I made the dressing. I cut the pomegranate in half (and only used half), held it over a strainer over a small bowl, and bashed it a bit with a rolling pin. When seeds started falling out, I gently pulled it apart to pull away the seeds, making sure none of the bitter pith got in with them.


I used the little bit of pomegranate juice in with the dressing mix. I added 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon pomegranate molasses, 1/2 crushed garlic clove and salt and pepper. I’ve taken to using pomegranate molasses in dressings: it has a wonderful intense sweet-sour taste that goes brilliantly with something like aubergine.


When the aubergines were cooked I laid them on a plate. Then I crumbled over some feta cheese. I poured over the dressing and sprinkled over the pomegranate seeds (about half of what I had was enough), then I roughly chopped some flat-leaf parsley and sprinkled that over too. I served it simply with one of Ruben’s Bakehouse’s fabulous sourdough breads, cutting just one nice thick slice to help me mop up the juices.


It was a really wonderful and simple meal with gorgeous flavours. I liked that the aubergine was still slightly warm, softening the feta and soaking up the delicious dressing. I thought it would make a nice starter too, though obviously serving less for a starter size. With summer coming (hopefully!), I can see I’ll be doing this again for a nice summer supper.

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11 thoughts on “Griddled Aubergine with Feta & Pomegranate

  1. Now that’s a combination my wife would absolutely love! I’m good on the feta and pomegranate… just have to wait for some decent aubergine to show up!

  2. Your dish sound wonderful and looks so pretty. My husband and I find that we gain very little weight when we travel because of all the walking as well.

  3. Ooooh what a super-duper recipe … I’m sure the taste is fab but it’s such eye-candy too, don’t you think? Bello bello bello

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