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Walk of the Old Houses of Les Diablerets

January 4, 2013

The sky was a clear bright blue in the morning sun. After a slow and gentle start to the day, Annie and I took a walk round the village. We stopped at the local dairy to buy cheese and yogurt.


A lot of the cheese is goats’ cheese and of course there are many varieties of Gruyere and Emmenthal. With a bag of lovely cheese and some fromage frais rich in raspberries to take back for lunch, it was then coffee time. The view from the cafe was beautiful and Annie and I lingered long talking with no rush to go anywhere.

Then we crossed the bridge and walked back ‘home’ along the river.


Wood is piled everywhere.

And clearly visible piled neatly outside houses. Annie told me that when wood was delivered the neat stacking was included in the price!

The afternoon was greyer but with Jerry joining us we walked the route of the old houses.

This one of 1885.


It was quieter as we moved further away from the village and there was a wonderful stillness. Icicles hung from the edges of roofs.

This pretty old house dates back to 1754.

The decoration on some, like this 1791, so pretty.


Smoke rises from chimneys.

It’s a photographer’s paradise: the glorious light of the sun glistening on the mountains, the pretty chalets, the bright blue sky a beautiful contrast against the white of the snow. You need to be well wrapped up and equipped as you can see here – Annie (left) and me (right), taken by Jerry – but warm and snow booted, it’s a lovely place to be.


  1. I’ve nominated you for the Team Readership Award! Here’s the link:
    Happy New Year! mimi

    • Many thanks, Mimi. Sorry for slow response … just found this in Spam now I’m home which is strange … will take a look. That’s very kind of you to nominate me. Happy new year to you! Kay

  2. Not normally a mountains/snow fan … but these photos are truly lovely and one can almost ‘smell’ the fresh, clean air! Aaaaaaaah …..

  3. petit4chocolatier permalink

    Beautiful! Almost like a storybook 🙂

  4. The old homes have so much character…the area is beautiful.

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