Restaurant Review: Rumwong, Guildford, Surrey


When we were deciding where to meet in Guildford, Tina asked if I’d been to the Thai restaurant and I remembered we’d gone there a couple of years ago and I’d liked it a lot … and had kept meaning to suggest going back. So a table was booked for 7.30.

I noticed as I arrived that they have a shop/delicatessen next door – not open that late, but useful to know. It’s quite a large restaurant but laid out well so you’re not overwhelmed once inside. The decor is traditional and you know immediately it’s a Thai restaurant and it’s all nicely done so a pleasing place to spend the evening. It was busy too; almost full.


We ordered two mains, one vegetable and rice to share. We also ordered glasses of the house white wine, which was good. One of our mains was Sung Pud Asparagus – prawns stir-fried with fresh asparagus, spring onions and mushrooms. At this point I have to confess that for some reason my photo was completely out of focus when I loaded it onto my computer, and it’s not even worth putting it up here. It was, however, a delicious dish. The prawns large and perfectly cooked, so nicely tender. The asparagus was cut on a slant and retained a bite; the sauce was fragrant. We also had Saeng Ped Kai – a red chicken curry with coconut milk and bamboo shoots, courgettes, peppers and red chillies.

It was a delicious curry. The sauce was quite thin but tasted good; there was a bit of a spicy hit but it wasn’t very hot (but then it was only given 1 chilli in the ‘hot’ rating). Our vegetable dish was Puk Choi Nam-Man Hoi – pak choi sauteed in ‘our special sauce’ with chilli and garlic.



I like pak choi and really liked this dish. The portions were a good size and by the time we’d finished, we only wanted tea. I had a pot of jasmine tea, my preferred way to end a Thai meal and Tina asked for just hot water with a slice of lemon. We sat on talking for quite some time and no one made us feel we should move on. The service was friendly and attentive but quite discreet. When our bill came it was £38 for the two of us, before tip. I liked Rumwong just as much as the first visit, and will definitely be suggesting we meet there another time soon.

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  1. My husband took me here for my birthday a few months ago and everything was excellent – the food, the service, the ambience – really felt like a special night out. The best thing was that my other half isn’t really a big ‘spicy food’ fan but wasn’t persuaded to try Thai until I could persuade him to ‘do it for me’ on my birthday! It’s definitely one we’d go back to, too.

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