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One of the many wonderful things about writing this blog is the way it is connecting me to other people passionate about good food.  It’s turning out to be a kind of gourmet ‘pass the parcel’ – though in this case, everyone wants share the good things in the parcel!  After my post about Sant’Eustchio coffee (see Coffee Heaven below), I sent the link to the Sant’Eustachio Caffe in Rome and received a friendly email from Roberto Ricci … he in turn passed my link on to Beatrice Ughi at Gustiamo in New York as they are the importers of Sant’Eustachio coffee there and I’ve had a lovely exchange of emails with Beatrice … and now I’ve passed their link to A Cena …

Gustiamo was founded by Beatrice and Martina in 2000. Native Italians with a passion for extraordinary food, they ‘grew up spoiled by the cooking of their mothers and grandmothers’. ‘We believe that eating well is a birthright,’ they say. They source their food from small, locally-based producers in Italy: ‘Italian food artisans who make their products following centuries-old recipes and methods, and who care about their land and their people’.

Good food can be enjoyed alone but it is also about sharing and mutual pleasure. If you know any good sources of excellent food from unusual or little-known places, please share!

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