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Pompi – Rome’s Famous Tiramisu Comes to Richmond upon Thames

September 4, 2017

I did a quick leap from my favourite English dessert – apple crumble – to my favourite Italian dessert: tiramisu! A few weeks ago my lovely Italian friend Lucia told me about a famous tiramisu café coming to London. She couldn’t remember the name … so of course when I got home I googled ‘Rome’ and ‘tiramisu’ and ‘London’ and discovered that Pompi had not only come to London but to my very own town of Richmond. I then checked back in the blog, all the way to 2012 when I was last in Rome, and discovered my friends Robert and Jenny, who have an apartment there, took me to their local Pompi (click here), telling me how famous it is and that they specialise not only in classic tiramisu but tiramisu made from strawberries, pistachios, and other exciting variations. It was Easter when I was there and they even had Easter eggs filled with tiramisu.


Pompi in Richmond was a fairly recent discovery but it will surprise anyone who knows me well that it’s taken a little while for me to investigate. That’s mainly because, while I go into Richmond from Twickenham a lot, I rarely walk up Hill Rise (where the café is) which leads into Richmond Hill, because that’s the opposite direction to the main part of the town once I’ve crossed Richmond bridge.

I was making my way home from Richmond this morning after doing some shopping and then, as I approached the bridge, I suddenly remembered Pompi, and decided to walk up the hill in search of it. I thought I’d just take a look. It was almost empty inside, just a couple of guys sitting at a counter. The shop was once an old creamery and is beautifully tiled with a nice view out on to Hill Rise.

I’d already had a coffee so didn’t want to stop to eat and drink but I talked to the woman behind the counter, checking that they were indeed the famous Pompi of Rome.

The tiramisu comes with a choice of flavours: classic, strawberry, banana & chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, and there are gluten- and lactose-free choices too.

They come ready packed, which to be honest made me slightly suspicious, but it was a doubt completely unfounded as I later discovered. I talked to the woman and she offered me some strawberry to try, so I sat down with my tasting portion.

It was so delicious, I decided I had to buy some to take home – the classic version – which I’d share with Jonathan and Lyndsey, who love tiramisu too. The portions at £5.50 don’t come cheap but then they’re big – for me ideally feeding two people; I’m not sure I could manage a whole one in one go, unless I was feeling particularly greedy. They also sell ice cream – ‘gelato not ice cream’ they proclaim outside.

I’ll definitely have to go back to try gelato one day. The tiramisu comes in different sizes and apart from the single portion (£5.50) there are 4 (£15.50), 8 (£28.50) and 10 (£35.50) portion sizes, which you can buy fresh or frozen, to take home.

I see on their Twitter page that they also sell best quality Piemonte chocolate & hazelnut spread (much better than Nutella), Tregothnan tea from Cornwall and you can pop in for just a coffee too. But as far as food goes – it’s just tiramisu, no cakes or pastries. Oh, and of course the gelato too. This is a celebration of one of the best tiramisu you can buy anywhere. They are famous for a reason and that’s because their tiramisu is exceptionally good and the real thing. It’s been a much adulterated dessert in this country at times and I rarely order it in a restaurant because it’s so often disappointing. If you want to know what it should really taste like, you need to get along to Pompi fast (there are other branches in London). Meanwhile, I carefully carried my box of tiramisu classico home.

I decided to divide it into three and take the 2-portion slice to Jonathan and Lyndsey’s when I go over to pick Freddie up from nursery in the afternoon. I would put my slice into the fridge to have after supper.


As I licked the spoon that I’d used to transfer my slice to a small plate, I found myself in tiramisu heaven. It was amazing; wonderful. There was no way I was waiting until suppertime to enjoy this. I sat down and ate it slowly, enjoying every bit. My goodness. What temptation! I’m going to have to be very strict with myself about not venturing up Richmond Hill every time I go into Richmond and save tiramisu for just weekend treats.

Update April 2018: Sadly the Richmond Pompi has now closed but their branch in Shaftesbury Avenue in central London is still open.

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  1. If you’re watching your waistline, I won’t tell you that tiramisu is quick and easy to make. As I live nowhere near this heavenly sounding place, I’ve had to look up the recipe for myself. I’ve made it and I’ve eaten it. Oh my.

    • Thank you, it’s a great dessert isn’t it. I do make it myself and the recipe is on the blog, my family love it, but it’s still a treat to have Pompi nearby.

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