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Patisserie Sainte-Anne, Hammersmith

May 27, 2015


It’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the Day Job front which has given me time to turn my attention to my house and do some much-needed decorating. My dining room and kitchen are now sparkling in their new colours and I’m pleased with the result. It was quite hard work though … of a different kind to the Day Job … and so, knowing that the Day Job will have me fully busy next week, I decided it was time to fit in a little indulgence while I could. And the blog is such a wonderful excuse for a bit of gastronomic indulgence!


King Street in Hammersmith is not really the kind of place you expect to find a wonderful import from Paris selling gorgeous cakes, chocolate and breads. Especially the rather grim part where you’ve left trendy Chiswick well behind and not quite made it to the unbeautiful but shopping friendly main part of Hammersmith. However, I’d been reading good things about Pâtisserie Sainte-Anne and it’s an easy, if quite long, bus ride from where I live so I decided to set off for morning coffee somewhere new this morning. I knew exactly where it was when I looked at the map – almost directly opposite my son’s old school, Latymer Upper School. But there was definitely no nearby café quite so wonderful when he was a pupil there.

The owners of Pâtisserie Sainte-Anne ran a bakery in the 13th arrondissement of Paris for 20 years. Now they’ve come to Hammersmith. They use all organic flour, chocolate from Belgium and butter from the Charentes Poitou region of France for their croissants. All products are made by them on site. There’s a French prettiness to it from the outside that carries through to the inside. It’s fairly small but wasn’t busy when I arrived so I was able to sit by the window. I could see a large noticeboard full of local news and advertisements, which I always think is nice – a good community thing – in a café. There was a wonderful array of fantastic looking cakes and pastries but I stuck with a simple plain croissant (the food blogger in me wanted to know how good this basic fare was) and a cappuccino (eschewing the Antipodean artisan coffee trend in London, there was no Flat White on offer). It was £3.50 – a good price in London. I was told to sit down and they’d bring it to me.


It was nicely served: the croissant on a pretty plate and a glass of water, continental style. I quite like that touch. Many countries will automatically bring a glass of water with coffee but rarely in UK without asking. The croissant was excellent. It was just the most wonderful flaky, buttery and light croissant I’ve had in ages – a true taste of France. I decided to buy some bread to take home for lunchtime and a cake as a treat for later. Well, I needed to know how good their cakes were too, didn’t I!! I chose the strawberry tart in the photo below:


They were happy for me to take photos when I said how much I’d enjoyed the croissant and would write a review on my blog.




Everything looked fabulous and I thought their pricing was very reasonable. I was bid a friendly goodbye and headed home on the bus, carrying my strawberry tart as carefully as I could. Back home, the bread was perfect for lunch with some wonderful Neufchâtel cheese I bought from a French cheese stall in a local market last weekend. I even had French butter in the fridge!


The bread had that quintessentially French lightness to it and was very delicious. I’d found a corner of Paris transported to Hammersmith this morning and had then transported another little corner to my sunny garden for lunch. The Pâtisserie Sainte-Anne was every bit as good as I’d hoped it would be and it will certainly be worth taking a trip to the less salubrious part of Hammersmith occasionally for a real French treat.

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  1. Very yummy. Need to pay a visit. But in the meantime please keep searching for an Italian autentica pasticceria like you would find in Piemonte with little gorgeous pasticcini, something I have not spotted yet in London…..

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