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Food & Wine from Marche Region, Italy – Event at .IT Wine Bar

June 18, 2014


It was great to return to the fabulous .IT All About Design yesterday evening for an event featuring some of the best food and wine companies from the Marche region of Italy. I’ve been back to the .IT wine bar a few times since my first visit and love it there: always a great atmosphere, wonderful food from manager Silvano and his team and, of course, excellent Italian wine. The event was held in the design showroom which houses some of the most exciting Italian furniture and interior design around.


When I arrived I was welcomed warmly by Silvano and then given a press pack before setting off for my tastings. The first stall I went to was Mascia Delicatessen – an independent artisan bakery making sweet and savoury products: cantucci, biscuits, crostini, panettone, vacuum-packed breads – all made with extra virgin olive oil. I had a nice chat with the woman on the stall and was encouraged to try some of their things.


After tasting a few delicious cantucci and some truffled-flavoured bread I moved on to the Morello Austera stall. Here I tasted some preserved soured cherries and then some raspberry and then some soured cherry wine.


I wasn’t too sure what to expect with the wine. They were real wine strength – 12-13% volume – but sweet and fruity. I liked the taste but felt I couldn’t drink too much. I asked when you might drink them and was told as an aperitivo or with dessert. Fruit wines seemed to be a theme as I found more at other stalls. Another theme was truffles – truffle oils, truffles in sauces and dips, truffle-flavoured pasta.


I tasted some at the Acqualagna Tartufi stall. They also had special truffle slicing implements, a bit like a truffle mandoline. There were more truffle products at the Italia Tartufi stall.


They had pots of sea salt with truffle which I was told was good sprinkled over fish, pasta and meat. This seemed a great way of bringing a truffle flavour to a dish. I had a lovely long chat with the woman on the stall and she gave me a bottle of truffle oil to bring home. I moved on to bees. At the Apicoltura Gabannini stall I found wonderful flavoured honeys.


Apicoltura Gabannini is a family business which has been making honey since 1913. They combine traditional beekeeping methods with innovation and I tasted some gorgeous flavoured honeys – honey infused with saffron and one with chilli. There were more wonderful truffle products at the Tentazioni stall …


… where I also had a long chat with the guy there are pasta and the benefits of buying really good quality pasta.


At the Fraticelli counter there were cold cuts to try: salami, lardo, prosciutto.


There was plenty of wine to try too but I was on my way elsewhere and didn’t want to drink too much alcohol!


It’s always a nice thing to talk food with likeminded food enthusiasts. I’d had a good time, some good tastings and then it was time to go. But there’s always quite a lot going on at .IT so take a look at their website … and if you’re ever anywhere near, pop in for a glass for good wine and some of Silvano’s wonderful food. See



  1. Another fabulous tasting – I adore the sound of this… and totally relate to being surrounded by food and wine enthusiasts

    • It’s good fun this kind of thing, isn’t it? The wine bar is great. Thursday is apericena evening – amazing food with your drinks. Near Sadlers Wells anytime you’re in area 🙂

  2. Thank you for your fantastic article! It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you at the event!
    Hopefully see you soon in other events or in Italy!!

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