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Now We Are Two

July 26, 2013


WordPress kindly informed me that it was the blog’s 2nd birthday yesterday. I’d vaguely remembered it was around this time but amongst a rush of other things the exact date had passed me by. However, it certainly deserves a little moment of acknowledgement and celebration.

It’s been a great 2 years: the blog has brought me lots of fun, some great experiences and new friends. It’s expanded my horizons as I find myself looking out for new places to visit, new places to eat and new recipes to try out. It’s been a very positive force in my life and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Meanwhile, here are some statistics … well, those can be fun too sometimes!


I have published 345 posts.

I’ve had a total of 71,619 views.

I have 167 email followers, 103 followers via Facebook and 888 Twitter followers making a total of 1,158.

My busiest day was on 2 June this year thanks to Jay Rayner who linked my post Joe Allen: Looking to the Future in his online Observer review of Joe Allen. I had 359 views.

My most popular post ever is Travelling Light: 10 Essentials for Hand Luggage Only which has had 2,524 views.

My top recipe is Puy Lentils with Tomatoes, Red Onion, Herbs & Balsamic with 1,907 views.

My most popular restaurant review is Al Boccon di Vino with 2,345 views.


Statistics are weird things. My Travelling Light post was a spur of the moment thing; the Puy Lentils are very nice but I wouldn’t have marked them out as one of my most exciting recipes; I didn’t enjoy my meal at Al Boccon di Vino and it is a rare negative review – I prefer to write about places I like.

When I started the blog back in July 2011 it was just for fun; I had no idea what would become of it and no particular ambitions. Now I can’t imagine living without it! Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, or allowed me to photograph their food in restaurants or when I’ve cooked before I’ve let them eat it; and thanks to every chef and restaurateur who has let me interview them.

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday! Congratulations. I look forward to my first. Carina 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Happy 2nd Anniversary! I love statistics, I am a number person… and you have accomplished quite a bit! Looking forward to celebrate many more anniversaries with you!

  3. Hooray! Congrats!

  4. Happy Belated “blog birthday” — it is a great pleasure to read your posts!

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