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Kafeinn: All Day Cafe – Fulham Road, SW London

October 16, 2012

It was lovely to head over to the Fulham Road today to the wonderful Fulham Osteopaths and have some lunch with Mindi. I worked at the clinic a few years ago and it’s always great to go back and see everyone. It’s such a vibrant area of London too, full of interesting shops and restaurants and cafes with a real buzz and community feel to this lower end of the Fulham Road, towards Putney.

Mindi suggested we go to a new place today: Kafeinn, just down the road from the osteopaths at No.670. She was warmly welcomed as we went in being a regular. Mindi had told me as we walked down the road that they did great hand-pressed orange juice to order, just like a spremuta in Italy, so that was a must for both of us – a love of Italy being one of the many things we share.

The fresh orange juice took us into a discussion about how you couldn’t trust the words ‘freshly pressed’ or ‘home-made’ today in cafes, with ‘freshly pressed’ juice coming in cartons and ‘home-made’ cakes and other food being bought in. But at Kafeinn you’ll find the real thing. The oranges are stored in the fridge so they’re nice and cold then pressed in front of you.

We both chose a mixed mezze plate for a light lunch.

The food is made in the kitchen downstairs so everything is fresh. The mezze come with warm pitta bread. I had a caprese salad – tomatoes, mozzarella and basil – with grilled vegetables and some lentils cooked with aubergine.

It was all very good. I particularly enjoyed the grilled vegetables – tomatoes, courgettes, squash, carrot and peppers – which had that delicious slight caramelisation you get from grilled vegetables and were cooked perfectly so they still had a bite to them. We sat in the window in comfy armchairs, the sun pouring in and it was just a heavenly little hour of peace to chat and catch up. Mindi had to rush off at the end of her hour’s break but I took a little more time to finish my coffee. She offered to buy me one of their home-made biscuits, saying they were very good, but I decided to save that for another time.

This is the kind of cafe I love to find (thank you Mindi!) where it’s cosy and friendly and food really is cooked on the premises so is fresh and delicious. Definitely a place to drop into if you’re in the Fulham Road.

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